The Ranmin Resort | Bolgoda
The Ranmin Resort | Bolgoda
The Ranmin Resort | Bolgoda
Rooms and Suites
Ranmin Bungalow has two bedrooms that provide a comfortable atmosphere that will surely entice your mind to relax.

Room 1 and 2
Situated next to each other, near the dining area are two similar rooms. Our rooms are styled to provide a luxurious ‘home feel’ that promises to set the guest at ease. Adding to this promise is a refined looking four poster bed, set against a brick wall, that is sure to lull you to sleep.Enjoy the view of the pool and catch a glimpse of the Bolgoda lake through exquisite french windows. Our rooms are adorned with beautiful antique furniture that adds an element of elegance to the atmosphere. The bathroom is accessorised with dark granite walls that create the ideal atmosphere for a refreshing bath.

Room Amenities
  • Four poster Double bed
  • Extra folding bed on request
  • Mini TV with cable
  • Pool view
  • Air conditioned
  • Hot water shower
Day stay
Price: Prices available on request. Can accommodate up to 20 numbers and can be expanded to a maximum of 35 numbers on additional charge.
Check in and Check out time: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Overnight stay
Price: Available on request. 6 pax expandable to 8 with folding beds.
Check in and Check out time: 9:00 am to 9: 00 am
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